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A distributed platform would seem like a good choice in theory. But the larger monolithic platforms all have a stranglehold on people so they never work.

Even then I think a distributed platform may suffer similar issues if one became popular I’d expect some of the popular instances would start removing visibility of instances they don’t like.

Difficult problem to solve when we’ve moved to an internet with the never leave the walls of Facebook attitude.


Imho the 3 most important features of any federated network (like mastodon of course) are these

  1. Ability to easily and seamlessly migrate (export and then import) your account between instances.
  2. Ability to self host very easily.
  3. Ability to use multiple instances at once. Similar to how you may have multiple trackers for a torrent.

Obviously there’s still the possibility of an EEE attack, but it’s at least significantly reduced. Plus any sort of federated social media system is an order of magnitude better than the current situation.


I don´t think that is the case really. When a lot of creators choose to move to something new, the audience will follow along.
Look at how quickly Discord pushed Skype and Teamspeak to the side.


Wasn’t about creators. People are fickle. They will move to better platforms, and they’ll do it _quickly. One day you’re #1, the next you’re neck-deep in the toilet wondering what just happened. Myspace–>Facebook. Digg–>Reddit. Teamspeak–>Discord. Internet Explorer–>Chrome. These things happen fast.


Teamspeak was already dead and Skype changed its audience. And discord is a monolithic platform.


Yeah, the difference is that Discord provided something people wanted: IRC with voice and rich text.


Maybe my point is being missed? Discord might be good, but it’s still a monolithic platform. They dictate the rules and that’s that (they already do this). If people move, they’ll move to another monolithic platform who will again dictate the rules.

They all suffer the same issue.


I just used Discord as an example for change.

When enough people move, the rest snowballs with them.


What issue, exactly? It works, and it’s free.


the issue is centralization

I personally dont mind but its what he is implying


I think people are overreacting a bit. Tumblr isn’t closing, you just can’t post pornographic material on it, and while I regard the site as a complete shithole, it was known for SJW types precisely because those people need a place to congregate too. And while those people will still be there, there are sites like Deviantart that allow users to post all sorts of erotic material, provided said users have rights to said material.

Nothing is changing, except that dA will probably be flooded with even more shitty fanart/fiction than before, and perhaps some enterprising soul will create a platform that caters to this new vacuum.

Tumblr will realise how damaging this is and reverse it within 3 years. That seems more likely to me.



What @kewldude007 said.

Centralisations is part of the issue this topic exists, I’m not saying discord I’d bad. I’m saying centralisation always leads to this. Decentralisation would work in theory but no one will work together to make that happen, so centralisers systems always come out on top, and always inevitably start restricting their platform to make the investors happy.


On the Tumblr side, back in the day everybody hosted their own little blogs, but that took expertise and wasn’t free. I don’t see that happening again.

On the Discord side, IRC is decentralized and works fine for chat, and you can run your own Mumble or Teamspeak server. People moved away from those things not because they don’t exist but because they offer a markedly inferior experience.


With you on that.



Cleanse the degenerates.

Make the internet wholesome again.

big fat /s






Apparently this was in reaction to SESTA/FOSTA laws about to be put into effect… If anything, that’s the greater threat:

More on that and the EFF’s call to action to stop it:


I don’t know anything about these bills and EFF is hardly objective, so I can’t really comment on it.

My gut reaction is this though: Regulation? kill it with fire.

Wait, does Apple own Telegram?