Tumblr 2007-2018

I just posted this on my Tumblr. It will be one of my last posts.

First of all I would like to thank David Karp for creating this platform. He did a fine job. He did what no other social media creator has done: he created a platform that was for the most part a joy to use. I don’t begrudge him for selling Tumblr to Yahoo for 1.1 billion dollars. If I had been in his position I would have done the same. The only sin that David Karp committed was not finding a way to make Tumblr profitable for corporations.

I would also like to thank the thirty seven thousand followers that followed me. I am a former cattle farmer who raised her own crops to feed her stock. Farmers take a special joy in seeing things grow. I would also like to thank you all for being respectful of my boundaries and patient for my slow replies to messages. I had a lot of them. I would also like to thank you for being patient and sticking with me during my periods of inactivity.

Well, it was fun while it lasted and I believe we all deep down saw this day coming. Oath, the company who bought Yahoo for some reason and is in turn owned by Verizon, has made the decision to ban all adult content on this site. They are being ridiculed all over Youtube for making the worst business decision since Coca-Cola introduced New Coke in 1985. I am going to say something unpopular here. I don’t think it was. The truth is that this site has never made money. If anything the bad decision was Yahoo buying this platform in the first place. I’m not going to go into the why’s and wherefore’s of their decision because I believe their explanation is a cartload of rubbish. I’m not going to go into why I believe that here. I know why Oath did this. They did it to get advertisers(money). Companies like Proctor and Gamble and Microsoft do not want to advertise on a site with boobies on them. They’ll gladly advertise on platforms with violence and hate speech or sports like American football where you can watch men turn their brains to mush but they draw the line on boobies. I’m not going to debate the idiocy of this here. The bottom line is that I don’t like what happened but I understand why it happened.

You see, social media is a con job. They all convince their users that they are site. This is a lie. I honestly believe that David Karp believed that the users were the site. His offices were filled with original artwork done by the users of this site. However, when he sold it to Yahoo, what he believed became moot.We are not the site. We are the product and we are sold to the advertisers. The products that produced adult content are not desirable and will be tossed out. This is the dirty secret that users on Facebook are beginning to slowly learn.

The big question is where do we go? Well, a lot of people can just go to porn sites and do fine. I’m not so fortunate. My adult content was a bit on the artistic side. Yes, I would have my moods and post things from time to time that were a bit crass, but on the whole I’m proud of what I posted. I had professional photographers and artists follow me. I will be moving my content to Pornhub mostly for the purposes of storage until I find a more suitable place. Who knows? Maybe I’ll catch on there. They’ll be watching the nastiest hardcore porn and then accidentally see my wares and like it. People who listen to metal will occasionally put on Pink Floyd to mellow a bit. Maybe. I’ll be Pink Floyd. I will not be joining Twitter. I firmly believe that Pornhub is actually more respectable than that shit hole site.

I did have fun here and enjoyed my time but I do have regrets. I would have to say that not being consistent in my posting was a major regret. However, I would have to say that my main one was not answering my messages as much as I wanted to. Most of you simply sent kind messages saying you enjoyed what I did. You didn’t do weird come on’s like a lot of men do. You were for the most part gentlemen and I didn’t thank you as I should have. It wasn’t because I didn’t appreciate you it was because I had a really weird year setting up a side business and personal problems. As for the ladies? You dirty girls. I’ll miss you the most.

In closing, I find it ironic that the financially successful platforms are the most toxic to users and the one site that was built with the user solely in mind is a financial failure. Because of this I truly believe that the social media experiment is a success for it’s investors and an utter failure for its users.


No more pr0n, rip tumbler, you won’t be missed.
Btw what’s your tumblr?


I don’t think I’m allowed to give that out. I’ll ask Eden. Odd thing to ask after saying the site won’t be missed.

He’s in it for the nudes.

He doesn’t seem like an nfl brain death type dude.


Not really.

You can PM it.


I’m a bit busy. I’ll send it the eighteenth of this month.


I used tumblr more than I would ever want to admit. It was a funny place of likeminded people. A DeviantArt with more in-depth relationship between artist and viewer.
When the news broke that tumblr will ban NSFW completly on the 17th, I went to look for alternatives the artists I follow may have posted, then wrote my last comment on that platform as a reply to the NSFW-ban statement, then proceeded to axe my account.

Pornhub seems like the obvious alternative, but it does not allow for the community to engage as much with the artist as tumblr did. In reality, I don´t think there are any other platforms that work like tumblr did.
Photography may find a place on DeviantArt. Maybe I will rediscover some of the artists I followed there.

Oh yes it will. Not by everyone, but it was part of the internet and a platform for thriving communities.

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I wasn’t making a serious comment, tumblr did seem like I good place for the things you mentioned, I just didn’t go there much.

This policing SJW mindset is spreading like a cancer through the interewebs.

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Users: @staff can y’all do something about the porn bots, child porn blogs, and literal nazi’s
Tumblr: *bans all NSFW content*

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Delete this thread and when you get done with that delete my account. I gave this place one last chance and this is what happens.


Bye bro.

It was nice knowing you


I don’t see what I said wrong…?

Thru Reddit, so it may be wrong.

But tumblr was banned from the Apple store and google play because it contained CP. tumblr is killing off all nsfw content to get back into those stores.

The users never asked for the nsfw content to be removed.

I really suggest against letting a single post bother you that much. It was not made with ill intentions.


What did you try to say?

I’ve been a regular Tumblr user since like 2015 and I’ve seen a proliferation of Nazi /Porn Bot Blogs and even some CP (I had to report a neo-nazi blog almost 20 mins ago).
I recognize that tumblr wants to make its platform more “advertiser-friendly” at the expense of the users, but while they ban all NSFW content they literally have done nothing against Neo-Nazi’s and those inciting violence on both sides of the political spectrum, who have been reported multiple times.
Tumblr has misplaced priorities: Making dough instead of focusing on what the users want. That’s the gist of my previous post,.


I’m sorry. I totally misunderstood. When you said @staff I thought you were alerting this staff and that were saying that I was posting this. I’m sorry I flew off the handle like that.


I did not realize @staff (hi y’all, keep up the good shit) was a valid tag here lol. Nah I gotchu, apology accepted.


That’s okay. This turned out to be pretty funny:)