TUF B360 Plus not booting - outdated BIOS?

I’m assembling this new machine for a friend of a friend, his motherboard is an Asus TUF B360 Plus gaming and his CPU is an i5 9600k (yes, i know, it wasn’t my suggestion, he selected and bought the parts himself).

i assembled the system, powered it on and nothing, just the LEDs lit up and the coolers started spinning, not even a beep from the PC speaker.

Tried some few known methods to make it work, changed the RAM, changed the PSU, nothing and then it dawned on me that the BIOS could be outdated, which i can’t exactly tell because it doesn’t let me access the BIOS.

Is there any way to tell which BIOS is it running right now? And if its outdated, is there any way to update it without an 8th gen CPU? I don’t exactly have any of those around.

The motherboard is also slightly bent from the factory, which i haven’t seen before.

I have no help or advice to offer.

Wich direction is it bent? Towards or away from the motherboard tray?
If it is the first, it has to do with how Intels CPU and cooler mount is mounted to the board.
If it is the second, I have no idea how that happens.

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Towards, probably due to the cooler mount like you said.
He will be running my old Xigmatek DK2, the motherboard stays slightly bent with or without it. I also tested with a stock cooler i had laying around and it looks the same.
I also got to borrow an i3 8100 tomorrow morning to check the BIOS claim.