TSSTcorp DvDWBD SN-406 wont read some cd's and DVD's

i have a msi gt 70 2pe dominator pro laptop and the cd blu-ray drive model name TSSTcorp DvDWBD SN-406
has problems reading certain certain disks it read some old game dvd romsss without issue but doesnt recognize music disks after searching for a while online i found a few solutions that worked for people one was deleting intel rapid storage technology but it didnt change anything for me

i aLSO TRİED THİS REGİSTERY EDİTOR ONE WHERE You can look in the registry for UPPER and LOWER FILTERS at this key...

but there are no upper or lower filterss in the entry

i couldnt find any other solutions

it also sounds like it starts revvingf the disk and then just stops and starts again a few times and then gives up

i was goi ng to post trrhe dxdiag but its too long apparently

hope some one can help and thank yopu for your attention


TSST corp is a Samsung drive most likely.
Maybe the drive it self is just bad?

You can replace those slim drives if you like to.
With most laptops this should be very easy, and not realy pricey.

Test a usb optical drive first if you have one. You can usually pick one up on sale for about $25 (blu ray more like $50) and they're pretty nifty to have, I bought one a long time ago and stopped buying optical drives for all of my desktops so it's saved me money.

ill probably get one tommorrow but is there any limitations on the slim drive i can get for the laptop to replace it like a specific manufacturer or model that will work with my computer or any drive that fits will do the trick

thanks for the quick replies.

Usually you need to make sure you get the right thickness, they come in something like 7 and 9mm or so. You might need a little metal adapter that's on the back of your current odd, which will take a jeweller’s screwdriver to remove.