TS Standard issue Rebind sniper button?

Is there a guide on how to rebind the sniper DPI slowdown button to be a extra button on the mouse?

I have head suggestions to use the sniper button as a push to talk button.

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I have one and I'm not sure if it's possible. I think it may be a hardware level switch in the mouse solely to bring the DPI down.


my corsair m65 can, in the software package

I agree with @Zeta, it seems to be a hardware level switch that adjusts the DPI down to 500 and can't be assigned by the OS.


I believe this is correct.

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I'm surprised you didn't light it on fire. Good four you.

Look for a Serial Connection Reader and just rebind the hardware. Should be good to go afterwards. Make it F24 or something.

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Any recommendations for which software to use?

They all do the same thing. I just found one on Softpedia when I was doing BIOS shit.

What do I look up to get guides?
Because I found software, but I can't find any guides specific to what I am trying to do

It should be just as quick as scanning the thing and finding the ID of the key itself and re-writing it. What that ID is I dunno. There should be a way to check that but I don't really know how.

What is the action of that called?

I dunno you're in the app I'll assume you can figure it out. I'm not at your desk. All I can say is good luck.

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