Trying to Upgrade Proxmox Node Mini PC RAM: Fastest (Timings) 1.2v DDR4-3200 SO-DIMM RAM?

I’ve got a Beelink GR9 (GTR5) Mini-PC built on AM4 (Ryzen 5900HX), that came with 1.2v DDR4-3200 Crucial SO-DIMM RAM.

I’d like to upgrade it to 64 GB (2x32 GB), but shopping for, essentially, DDR4-3200 laptop RAM is tricker than I thought it would be. It’s easy to find lower timing SO-DIMMs, but they’re 1.35V parts, and I’m not sure this system can use those. They also seem to be out of stock everywhere.

Are there any 1.2V DDR4-3200 SO-DIMM 2x32GB kits with CAS 16 timings? Am I looking for something that doesn’t exist? (I think you need the higher power for the better timings?)

If I have to stay at 1.2V CAS 22, here’s the 64GB version of the 32GB kit I have now, so I’m thinking I’ll be safe buying this and crying into my chocolate tea about how much I have to pay for DDR4-3200 laptop RAM:

Can you manually set ram voltage and speed

I do have access to the AMD Overclocking menu in the UEFI BIOS, and I know it’ll let me manually adjust the speed. I haven’t confirmed that i can adjust the voltage, but I’m reluctant to try over-volting the RAM that’s in there now. I know for sure that’s 1.2v CL22 RAM. I need to look again to see if I can tweak the voltage.

I would be … annoyed … if I bought 1.35v RAM and had to exchange it. I’m hoping Beelink will actually answer my email.

The UEFI BIOS doesn’t say much about the installed RAM. Using dmidecode within Proxmox gets me much more information.

Yeah but if it gives you the option to select ram voltage and it goes up to 1.35v then it’ll work it won’t actually apply ram voltage settings until you have set it and save changes and reboot so it won’t hurt to check

Also DDR4 is tolerant up to 1.45v

Got a response from Bee-Link Support:

Hello there.

Sorry . … [The board does not] support 1.35V.

Glad I hadn’t already bought anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

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Just to close this out, the 64GB kit I ordered arrived today and booted just fine. :slight_smile:

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