Trying to replace ubuntu with LXLE (SOLVED)

Hey hey!

I have removed my windows partition to free up space but I cant resizes my ubuntu partition so I though I might as well get a lighter distro for my crap laptop in the mean time and get the old partition with it as well, but  I am stuck at the  replace ubuntu with LXLE part.

but I am stuck and cant get it to work, inside the install folder on the usb drive I am using, is only a file called memtest.

where do I go from here?

thx dude!

I need a loooooot of patience it seems... 2 or maybe 3 things didn't work!


If you still have a windows box or a friend with one, you can just use pendrive linux's tool for multibooting to load the ISO to the USB. Or, you can burn the ISO to a CD/DVD and install that way.