Trying to prepare Iphone for my son

I’m trying to get this phone back to factory settings, but am nervous. Will I lose the phone number attatched to the phone if I do this? or is this something that’s ‘‘hardwired’’ into the phone?

No, nothing in the phone’s settings are tied to your cellular plan. Your phone number is attached to the physical SIM card inserted into the phone. Or if you are using an eSIM (less likely) there is an option to factory reset and keep mobile plans.

You may however need to know the Apple iCloud ID and password currently being used to transfer the ownership to a new iCloud account (you son’s account).

And that’s where I’m having problems. I’ve been trying to reset my password for the better part of a week, now their system is saying I have to wait Till Feb 1st to do so. So do I have to wait till then to reset the stupid phone?

I would get your password sorted out before making any device changes. I’m almost certain you’ll need access to your iCloud account to complete the transfer. If you pay for Apple Care you might be able to call them and ask for assistance resetting your password.

I don’t pay for apple care. But a rep I talked to on Monday, said even if I did, there would be nothing they can do, because they’ve AUTOMATED the whole password process. NOBODY can override it.

I’m sorry, it’s stupid as hell. Hence the reason I’m getting away from Iphone. It’s just been too many hassles. I can reset my password on any other service, with minimal wait. Not a week and a half.

Just another way Apple takes their customers hostage so they ‘‘think twice about leaving’’

Because how dare anyone do something we don’t tell them. We know what they want better than they do. We say when they get to leave, IF THEY EVER GET TO.

Couldn’t agree more. Apple routinely makes decisions that anger me as well, but sadly they have enough loyal followers that they can get away with just about anything. Google is more in touch with their customer needs, but want to collect as much data as they can in the process. I just wish I didn’t have to choose between an anti-consumer product or an ad company. :roll_eyes:

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my Iphone when I had it, and I even wanted to get the 12 mini. But having to transfer stuff to my work phone suddenly became a chore. After I gave my son this phone, I was gonna go Iphone 12. I"m always a generation or two behind. But this time I may not and just stick with the work phone.

I’m always surprised how easily banks, or utilities (proof of address) can reset account passwords merely with a phone call, and with a help of a little bit of public knowledge. It makes identity theft relatively easy.

@Smerrills, please, please, please, setup a “backup account” for things like Apple/Google/and other high value online accounts. And use a “password manager” of some kind, with a backup / recovery option as well, … more and more stuff is becoming harder to recover or even impossible in some cases.

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Normally I do have multiple backup accounts. I"ve had nearly 20 google accounts over the years. For some STUPID reason, I did not set this up for my apple ID. I also use a password manager. And I have a physical document that has most my passwords and acounts on it. For some unknown reason, I did not input my apple stuff into EITHER of those. So I’m the moron there.

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It happens, it sucks.

Still better than someone taking a second mortgage in your name and disappearing.


With my credit, I welcome them to try! NOBODY could get anything with my credit! lol!!