Trying to pick a Modmic. Please help

I am trying to pick a modmic 4.0 for my headphones.

im trying to decide between the Uni-directional or Omni-directional. they both cost the same.

I do have a radio voice with good bass. i have done radio PSAs and advertisements before to give you an idea of my voice profile.

The Unidirectional apparently responds more to bass and pop than the Omni-directional.

Im planning on using the mic with my headphones for TS3 and Mumble while playing games. The game audio comes from desktop speakers 5.1 surround.

Will the modmic come with a snowball type pop-filter?

There are only 6 of the unidirectional mics left so time is short if I need to get the uni-directional.

Nevermind. I went with the Unidirectional.