Trying to overclock Phenom 2 x4 955BE

I have the cpu in the title and an asus m4a88t-m mobo. I didn't get docs with the mobo just the board.

The chip runs at 3.2 ghz and its making me suffer for it. If I go to the oc options I can bump it to 3.4 and have everything els at auto no problems. I want at least 3.8 ghz if not over 4. I've said before that I can only get to 3.6 and have it be u stable but I have never touched the voltage.

What is a normal voltage to aim for? It starts at 1.05 and seeing past pists here talking 1.4 to 1.586 I know thats too low :P Is there a way to see normal operating voltage? Is there something I should look up specifically? I really don't want to just wing it and see what happens, obviously.

Suggestions on where to start? Maybe a video to reference? Thanks.

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Just as an update I fount out the c2 revision operates at 1.32v stock. I got the thing to 3.6 but windows doesn't recognize that its at 3.6, even if the bios did. Is that normal?

Edit: It seems that windows will not report 3.6 ghz (win8.1) but linux will. However I only get 25 fps in csgo. I blame drivers for that but linux is the only os that will not fuck itself here.

Go nuts, pump the voltage up to what ever your heatsink will handle. The phenom chips will happily overclock and overvolt until theyre a puddle of slag. Best chips AMD has ever produced.

Yeah but I don't want to kill it. I can't get it to behave at 3.6 let alone 3.4.

might have a low-binned chip. Over volting wont hurt it so long as you have a cooler with the TDP to deal with the heat. 1.4 is pretty normal for those CPUs. The lowest binned 4 - cores had a core locked out by the BIOS to make a triple core processor, you may have a processor that barely escaped that fate.

I've seen what 955's can do, its not really anywhere near the tri's....

Ugh this is so aggrevating.

There is a ton of info on the overclocking forums. Unfortunately it means also ALLOT of reading. I would recommend it over the OC video's on youtube in a heartbeat.

At this point I'm blaming the used mobo which I need to replace anyways and I'm not waiting around for Zen. I'll just get a new mobo and case when I can. (shitty ratfuck raidmax what the hell was I thinking)

i have both a 955 and a 965 be.. i have only oced the 965 and 4/4.1 was max i could get out of it and it had the voltage at 1.4 something stock and volted it to almost 1.5.
i was running custom watercooling on it as well..
the 955 i have almost not had running in any mobo so i cant test it either.

deneb c3 stepping are both having (those oc better than the older ones)

sry for bad english

The eng is fine x3. what mobo do you have? Mine just had the pcie slot fall apart ;-; so I need a new one.

hehe okey i have a gigabyte ma770-ud3 ddr2| msi dka-790gx ddr2 | msi 970 gaming| and i had a asus crosshair V formula z.. the only one of those i dont have tried to oc is the msi-790..

but the others have gone up to 4-4.1 ghz on my 965. the ma770 needed an extra fan on the vrm though and it was a 24/7 oc on all boards :)

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I still have a C2 stepping 955 running in my old gaming rig. The MB is a Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P and I never got that chip past 3.6 ghz. Core 3 always became unstable no matter how much voltage I fed it. The C3's were supposed to be quite a bit better.

One guy said he was able to increase his OC on the Phenom 2 buy tightening up the memory settings....I will keep an eye out for the article.

Another place guy talked about some FSB's have dead zones. Same MB one guy could not get his above 230, mine hit SB started misbehaving though.

Are you trying a FSB or straight up multiplier and vcore OC?

General question....I have been reading and searching for all these AMD OC guides. Should I post a bunch of these links to these various guides in the OC section? I am still learning and am very far away from writing my own and just post stuff I find as I keep trying to find an OC I like.
I found I get a better OC on my cheap board when putting HT NB and cpu/nb on manual
The downside is it took all night to get to 4.2 and 4.0 gave me higher FPS on cinemark open GL
Having NB and HT and ram all at 2400 had a big effect on open GL fps.
Hope this helps

I have the same config​:blush:
Make sure that you are cooling the vrms as the stock heatsink blows down on the mobo cooling the vrms but probably you're going with an aftermarket cooler.
This is only to prevent vdroop. Asus vrms won't catch fire Afaik.

I got past this bud. Bout a month after the motherboard blew up so now I have a xeon system.

Thanks though.

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