Trying to mirror a weird display panel to DVI

Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm working on an interesting video project but am unsure if it's doable. Hopefully this is the right subforum..

I have a piece of industrial machinery and I'm trying to mirror its LCD display panel so I can send it to a video projector. I'm trying to use the machine for a class I teach, and being able to easily display it for everyone would be invaluable!!

Whether I get it to work with a DVI or VGA or anything else, not important...but I'm not sure if I can figure it out. I don't have a problem physically splicing wires if needed. Anyway I checked the datasheet for the LCD display (linked below) it calls for 3.3volts...seems DVI likes to run from 5v? I don't have much experience with monitors.

At one point I worked at a facility that was in the process of converting all their machines so they could be remotely monitored in a similar way as the mirroring I'm trying to perform. I'm not sure how they did it though.

I took apart one of the control panels to take some pictures...

LCD backside & display driver

LCD signal connector

LCD source board

Here's the datasheet for the machine's display: (of interest is page 9)

Has anybody ever done anything like this? I'm welcome to any feedback...even if it's that I'm an idiot and shouldn't bother trying...