Trying to make some Jelly

Ok not really, the L and Z key have quit working (intermittently)  on my old x6 sidewinder..So I am thinking about upgrading to the mechanical realm..So if you could post your recommendations or keyboards you would like to have, I will look at them..My only real requirement in a new keyboard is it be a mechanical and red back lighting, it can be a color changer I don't care..I know its sad..I operate on vampire time a lot..So I need to see the keys well..I don't want to put to many restrictions on your recommendations, I am just trying to find something I will like..If its cost is hefty that just means I will need to save up a little, which means I will have to wait longer to get my pedals for SC but I have time so no biggie..

I am currently Flipping up between a Corsair K70 or a WASD Mechanical (probably gonna go with WASD). Corsair have their new RGB keyboards where you can custom light it to shit but finding different MX switches is annoying. With WASD you can order different cap colours and choose what MX switch you want on it, but no backlight unless you get a CODE from them, but that is only white light. ATM I don't have backlights I just use the screen's light (or if I feel like it I put a lava lamp and case lights on

Yeah I have looked at WASD..Could probably get so red transparent keys to put over the white leds..

I think for a first timer, brown switches are probably ideal. Some tactile feel, but not as extreme or as loud as blues.CM Storm has pretty good, reasonably priced keyboards.If you want full size, then Quickfire Pro or Quickfire Ultimate (not sure what color the led light is for Ultimate Browns) Or if 80% is fine (no numpad) then the Quickfire Rapid-i would probably be an ideal choice.

I am not too worried about switch sound or feel..I can adapt..I would like the ones with longest life span..I really liked having the removable number pad..But it is not a requirement, plus I only found mad catz that are mechanical and removable keyboard but no back lighting..