Trying to get stuff off a mac HDD onto a PC?

Okay so here's the deal! 

My GF's mac HDD crashed and they replaced it for her but she has a bunch of pics and stuff on her old HDD that she want's. I plugged it into my PC and it's recognized in BIOS and in Device manager and disk managment but I cannot see it in "My Computer" (I'm assuming becase it's a different format). Is there any freakin' way I can acess this HD? 

I don't have a external dock to plug it into my macbook pro and don't want to take out my MBP's hdd to plg this in, instead. 

Is there a program I can use?

Give it a try - Windows doesn't recognize HSF.


I've used a program called Macdrive which can be found here...

It costs $50 (us) but they have a free 5 day trial you can download.

ubuntu live CD+a*complete* computer

MacDrive 9 worked! 

Thank you deekachu. This program is awesome.

Second item of business, dump the MacBook and get yourself a non-Apple laptop. =D

No thank you.

This is the best laptop I have ever had the pleasure of owning/using. 

I never had a problem with my mac and she jsut needed a HDD replacment. 

Oh no...don't get Pathogen started about his Mac, lol.

Quoted for truth. ^^