Trying to get my hands dirty with RHEL. Need some ideas

I've used Linux off and on for years. I've currently gone back to Debian as my main OS (from Win 8.1). I'm fairly comfortable with Debian in the CLI, but I've mainly used Linux relatively casually (Steam, productivity, media consumption, etc. . .) and I'm looking to expand my Linux knowledge with some hands on experience that can transfer over to IT Linux admin postions.

So I recently set up a RHEL 7.1 server and I'm looking to really learn the OS. I have it installed on a remote server that I SSH into, but that's as far as I've gone. Basically I'm looking for some feedback and ideas as to what to do next. Is there some things I can implement or perhaps setup on my server that will give me some good hands on with the OS? Looking for some beginner projects and work my way from there.

Thanks in advance

For good but general info:

As far as learning and experience goes, you might want to try settings up basic server services (File Server, Print Server, maybe a Web Server, etc.) I don't have any direct experience with REHL, but am also curious to learn so if you find any good materials can you pass them along? That would be awesome =)

Good luck

I would set up an Apache server pretty much the ground floor of running a server