Trying to get a decent PC pls help me!

  • Budget 600-650$ USA
  • I'am fine with any retailer. I have my peripheral's already so I'am okay in that department 
  • I will mainly be using the computer for gaming with friend's and chatting through Team Speak or Skype
  • I would like to know the benefit's of overclocking and what it is generally intended for
  • I do not plan to water cool 
  • The OS cost is separate from the build, But would love to get some good deal's
  • I would like to play on high settings for once in my life.. I mainly play League Of Legends and Dota 2, and some RTS game's. And i would really like to play the Battlefield 2 Project reality mod that my friend has gotten me into. but i also play Garry's Mod CS:GO. Game's along those lines and maybe something a little more demanding like Skyrim  
  • As for resolution i don't really know. Anything that look's good or that i'am capable of handling

    I am very new to building a PC. I've seen how to Put one together and it looks like a piece of cake, But I'am lacking the knowledge of what i should be buying. I would highly appreciate any and all help i can get with this build. If there's something that i'am missing please ask.

Hi There!

Are you planning to do anything other than general use and gaming such as using software like Photoshop etc? If so then go intel, if not then i really believe you get more bang for your buck with AMD. I personally have an FX8350 and so far have been blown away by its performance and reasonable price compared to Its Intel competitors - be warned, they can get hot, so maybe consider not using the stock fan if you are conscious about a little bit of heat and noise!

Unfortunately i'm from the UK and i'm not too familiar with prices in the US atm.

If you want me to try and put together a part picker list for you, i can do that! 

I have only recently built my new beauty, but so far, i am loving every minute of it!

As for overclocking, i personally have no experience of this, and frankly have no intention of trying it as i don't really need to! As far as i can understand, the basics of overclocking is the tweaking some settings in order to provide more power from a component than what it provides as stock. With this you can basically produce the same amount of power as a more expensive CPU without the extra cost.. but you will need good cooling to cope with it and it will shorten the life span as you are pushing it past its "efficient" running point.

I'm sorry that this explanation wasn't great, i just don't personally have an interest in overclocking!

thanks! I would appreciate the part picker list if you wouldn't mind. Honestly yes i think i would like to go intel on this build but i don't know how much it would be necessary. And thanks for telling me what overclocking is, i was so lost on that. And i guess in the future i might use some form of editing like Photoshop but only if i cant run that correctly.

That should work within your budget

Is this you franku? b0ss?

DrunkenPanda thank's for the build it look's great! i might definitely try that one since it's in my price range.

Prince Vultan no franku is not here at the moment

This is a Micro ATX with the FX-6300 in a Fractal Design case that has front panel USB 3.0. Couple that with the R9 290 and a 1TB hard drive will have you gaming at 1080p, and filling it all up with all your games and movies. 

I can also vouch for the r9 280, that's my card and she's a monster!