Trying to find the right ATX case for me

Right now i'm looking for a case for under my desk. The case cant be more than 540mm tall or it'll hit the bottom of my desk. I'd like something with a covered basement and maybe a tempered glass side panel. Also it needs to house an ATX motherboard.

The Mastercase 5 is almost perfect for what I want and the ability to change it around is cool too but it's just a bit too tall at 548mm. I thought about getting it and taking the feet off but the front of the case still hits the ground.

The H440 is my main choice at the moment but I still wanted to see if there was something with a bit of a bigger window.

The IN WIN 303 is kinda nice but it seems like the quality isn't the best.

My budget is at max $200 but I'd like to stay under that.

I kind of like the Riotoro CR1080 for a compact ATX case.
It is a dual-compartment side-by-side case barely bigger than the motherboard.

Dimensions:9.625” (W) x 14.125” (H) x 15.5” (D) (245mm x 359mm x 394mm)
Material:Steel and Plastic
Drive Bays:5.25 inch optical drive bay Two 3.5/2.5 inch drive bays 2.5 inch drive bays
Motherboard support:ATX, micro-ATX, and mini-ITX
PSU support:Standard ATX 175x150x85 mm
Graphics card support:Fits full-length reference graphics cards up to 300mm
Max CPU cooler height:120mm
Expansion Slots:Seven slots
Cable management:Cutouts and mounting points
Fan/radiator mounting points: Front: Two 120mm mounts, One blue 120mm LED fan included, Supports single 120mm radiator, Bottom: Two 120mm mounts, Storage bay: 80mm mount
Front panel:Dual USB 3.0 ports, Microphone and headphone
Tool free side panels
Warranty:Two years

You better not have carpet under that desk man

In any case the best case ever is the HAF XB EVO

Those are pretty cool. Still looking for something with a big side window.

The Riotoro isn't too bad but I'd like the window to be on the other side.

Some people mod it, some people just buy the window panel

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That's actually pretty cool. I'll look more into that.

This one's on all sides

Whatever you get make sure you read through the reviews and even check out the youtube videos. When you need a case to fit in a certain place (I've been in your situation), you sometimes sacrifice important room on the inside to have clean and proper cabling. I made this mistake once and ended up with a very messy case on the inside. In the big scope of things it didn't really noticeably affect heat or anything but it did affect my piece of mind. That said, if you're looking to have a window it could be an eye soar. Also: I don't like windows on PCs - they are so early 00s :) (just my two cents that nobody asked for)

So far this looks like the one to get. It's not expensive either. Thanks man.

ZALMAN T1 Plus Black ATX Is short and $29.99 +shipping, pretty decent small case.

Keep in mind, the link for 70$ is with acrylic panel...
The tempered glass one would be way more expensive.
Otherwise it's an awesome case... In my personal top5...