Trying to find a good monitor for new PC im getting

So I have my part list all put together and ready to go, I just want to pick out a good monitor. I have these two picked out so far and I was wondering which one would be better than the other, or if there is another one you would recommend.

I plan on buying my new pc and building it in a few months, I just want to get a new monitor right now, and if I want to get a dual monitor setup I can just buy the same monitor again later in time. I would also need it to have HDMI, cause in the mean time I will also be using the monitor to play my Xbox One and PS4.

Also, is there a decent priced 1440p monitor? Thanks for any and all suggestions on this.

After switching my main screen(s) to IPS panel displays TN panels look like (figurative) shit. If an IPS panel display is in the budget, go for it.

As for recommendations, as much as I'm disappointed with ASUS in other products, I do think they make pretty decent monitors. I've also heard good things about LG.

LG 23MP47HQ -

What is the purpose / what are you doing? Only gaming? What GPU brand?

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I'm using an HP 23" IPS and aside from the crappy stand I love it. Having that IPS panel really makes a difference in media and games. I would like to upgrade to 1440p or 4k but everything I've seen is that there is no budget options worth buying at that resolution and I wouldn't give up IPS for res or hz.

thanks for the suggestions, im going with that LG monitor you linked

What's going to be your GPU?

Also you can just use a DVI to HDMI adapter for consoles and it'll work fine

I'd say get this AOC 1080p 144hz TN display if your whole focus is gaming, it actually looks pretty good, and it's only $209 at amazon, comes with VGA/DVI/DP/HDMI as well

If your budget is only $100 ish and can't be salvaged from your PC build get this, 1080p IPS with VESA

Otherwise post your PC build

Huh ...... ok, bye.