Trying to find a 'genuine' 10G Intel X550-T2 NIC on Amazon... only fakes available?

Hi all -

There are many of these cards - some 10Gtek, some StarTech but all of these are fulfilment orders by Amazon; look under the ‘Add to Card’ buttons, where it lists the seller (non-Amazon); on the main page it says “By Intel” but that’s false.

Seller comments all seem to indicate that these are clones. Some don’t support Jumbo frames either.

I need to add these to my FreeNAS box, so avoiding Aquantia completely as there is no BSD compatible driver (other than some PoCs on Github).

So… where can I get a legit Intel 10G NIC? @wendell @SgtAwesomesauce

Thanks!, Mike.

In the US? Try they have pretty good prices on legitimate enterprise gear if you’re in the US.


Not to hard to limit the brand? alternatively go to

eBay is where I got mine
Err was 540 I think