Trying to finalise a £800~ build

It's going to be my first pay-day tomorrow, so to celebrate I'm going to ditch the crappy laptop and go back into PC gaming, I do occasional intensive Photoshop processing which is proving to be a noisy sluggish nightmare currently.

I'm firm on it being smallish, so have gone for the Micro ATX route. Here is what I've been drafting so far: (SSD to be taken from laptop and GPU already acquired due to a magpie moment) Considering getting a 1440p monitor later, on 1080p atm.

  • Firstly, I have no idea what case I should get. I am interested in the Prodigy M but don't think I can wait until October for it to ship, so some suggestions to look up on youtube would be great.
  • CPU cooling type I'm still not sure about, looking for a simple overclock to maybe 4.3 but I'm not confident since I'm an OC virgin. Willing to spend to reduce noise level.
  • Mobo, I didn't see much choice available so I went with that. Wanted to make sure the wireless will fit around my GPU (rather avoid USB, a certain family member might hide it to piss me off).
  • PSU, is there anything more quieter with great performance going?
  • Memory, I'm buried in the large amount of choice available, Help! I've decided that anything over 8gb will be overkill for my needs. Blue/white/silver sticks a bonus for beauty.
  • Add fans/extra cables as necessary and for prettiness.

The £800 I mentioned in title is a guideline, not a strict budget. No need to take into account the parts I have so far. It feels like 800 is a good spot to stop before going overboard.

White/blue colour scheme for parts is a bonus if I get a windowed case.

Thank you for reading

This has what you have asked for a windowed matx case blue and black color and its quiet and overclockable.  For more lights and fans look at bitfenix light strips and there fans too.


I said in my post I wanted to go for a M-ATX build...

Thanks, I'll take those changes into consideration.

I noticed the Wireless was dropped out of the spec, it wouldn't fit?

How many fans would you suggest getting, again keeping in mind the noise level?
Some thought, I think I also have enough to go for a modular PSU too to keep things tidy.

Sorry I thought that board had build in wifi but somthing like this would work good and can go in any 1x or full pci slot.  Also look at the seasonic g550 psu.  For fans I think 2 intakes on the front and 2 exaust should give you plenty of air flow


Thanks, I put my order in and should be building just before Sept comes along.

Since I miscalculated my tax contributions I ended up going with your original PSU suggestion and will be holding off the extras for now.

Hope to post a pic in the relevant thread soon.