Trying to figure our why checkboxes have a permanent red highlight in gnome

Attached is a picture of what I’m trying to figure out. I’m running Antergos with Gnome as my DE and all the checkboxes and some other inputs have this striking and annoying red highlight.

I’ve checked in gnome-tweaks if there’s anything, but I can’t find it. whyIsThisRed

Try a different theme. Maybe there’s a problem with the one being used.

I’ve tried all the themes that came with the Gnome package in the antergos installer. All do the same thing. With and without “Global Dark Theme”.

Is there a config or colors file I could dig into to see?

hmm turns out it was just intelliJ…i swore i saw it in other places, but removed the edition of intilliJ from pacman and got the latest from jet-brains and that’s working just fine now.

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Hi, sorry I’m months late, but this is a very specific issue and probably can benefit others, I managed to fix this problem by installing nvidia drivers, Im also using Antergos. Hope you sorted this out. Regards

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Don’t sweat it :smiley:

Alternative solutions to a problem others might be facing is a worthy necro

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