Trying to do something interesting with Teamspeak

I am trying to figure out how to make a TS3 server that allows people from multiple TS3 servers to connect to while staying connected to their servers. All this while not muting themselves on their servers. i guess something like the whisper function but bi-directional whisper to a separate server.
I want to make a multi-clan group for Escape from Tarkov that will be able to use TS3 without compromising their communications within their own clans. i know they can open several servers in tabs but doing so mutes their original server. If someone from their original server pokes them or talks to them, they have to Alt-Tab out of the game to change servers and answer them. What I want to do is make it so that they dont have to. They would connect to the server and sit in a certain channel where they would all have a whisper type thing allowing them to stay in their original server while still hearing and responding to the other groups on their servers all via one united server.

Complicated I know. But does anyone have any idea how to accomplish something like this?