Trying to do a Clean install of Centos 8 - dracut-initqueue timeout

Ok So i want to get cent os 8 installed on my old pc but ive hit a problem already every time i try to run the install from the minimum cd boot disk i get dracut-initqueue timeout … warning could not boot starting up setup virtual console “ok” started setup virtual console started deacut emergency shell … warning : /dev/root dose not exist

im new ish to linux … i keep trying to get up and running but something brakes and i give up again

can any one tell me what im doing wrong / need to do to get going

it could be worth mentioning that I got to the first set up page then found that my hdd was not detecting ive sorted that but now i cant get any where!


Looks like your flash of the iso was bad. Did you verify the checksum?

Also, do the full fat install disk for the install media because it comes with better hardware compability. There’s no reason to use minimal except for servers really. It won’t make your installation faster since when you go to install the system you can pick and choose what package groups you want. If you want it to be minimal just select that option.

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thanks i was looking at the full fat ver but wasent sure how to get the iso onto a bootable memory stick also i didnt do a check sum as ive never done one b4 so not sure where to start

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