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Trying to choose a ram set for my new build. 3733mhz ether 16 or 32GB depending on price

All i need to finish my new 3950x build is some 3733mhz ram. currently ive got 16GB of ddr4 from 2015(from a 5820k build) in there and it works enough to get by but it aint the best. Got my christmas bonus so i figure i may as well finish the ram. I just have been out of the ram game for so long i dont know whats good anymore. Id like at least 16GB but wouldnt mind 32 depending on price.

If you want 32gb you may need to sacrifice speed and get 2x16gb 3200 for instance.
If youre going for 16gb then get 2x8gb 3600 speed as the infinity fabric and your ram will be out of sync if you go any faster.
Then theres the 4x8gb option. I know ryzen prefers single slot per channel when youre using fast ram so im not certain if I would go that route

Be aware you have a silicon lottery for the Infinity Fabric FCLK too. So don’t go above 3600 if your FCLK can’t go above 1767. Those with dud CPUs will randomly BSOD at 1800 FCLK in 1:1:1 ratio.