Trying to boot from USB

So I'm trying to boot Kali from a USB on a HP laptop. I've accessed the boot menu and selected what I believe to be the correct file to boot from it looks like this:
(the amd64 confuses me, my computer has an Intel processor, could this be the problem?)

But when I select that file to boot from nothing happens, I get taken back to a window with the following selections:

There are other things on the flash drive, hopefully that's not causing an issue? I thought I could have the boot image as well as other things stored on the flash drive and not have problems. Any ideas?

I went through all the folders on what was supposed to contain an ISO image and all the folders were empty. Did I do something wrong when using YUMI perhaps?

check the boot options in bios.

Make sure uefi and/or legacy is enabled.

UEFI was enabled. I'm clearing the flash drive and trying with Rufus. It's super frustrating because I'm working on my BA in networking/security and I feel like I should be able to get this stuff to work!

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I've also disabled secure boot.

Problem solved!!! We just had to enable Legacy Boot!

AMD64 is another way of saying x86_64 (aka 64bit)