Trying out the Tech Preview of Windows

When I saw the images of Windows 10 bring back the start menu, my mouth dropped and I was speechless so I thought why not try it out. I installed it into a virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox using the basic Windows 8.1 settings and it booted up no problemo.

For the booting process, it brings you right to the desktop and this is really awesome to see that they are focusing on the desktop again. A+ in my book right there.

Logan and his epic beardyness will be disappointed with the Control Panel as it is the same "Modern" app

A new thing MS added that I am not sure if it was in 8/8.1 is this ... button next to the application icon on the top left corner of the application that brings out a list that you can click on

The Search button now allows for internet searches along with files on your computer but it does not open IE. Instead it opens a "Search" application.

The Taskbar is now translucent. I am not sure if 8/8.1 has it but its pretty neat to have that.

Task View is pretty cool but I really don't see myself using this feature. Nice to see that but it somewhat screams Linux feature. You can also add and remove desktops with a click. The icons are merged with each other instead of acting as a second monitor. 

I really enjoy the new Start menu. It is exactly what I was asking for from MS, a Start menu that mimics 7 but with live tiles. 

The File Explorer layout is really clean. They added two buttons that allows you to view the properties of a file and to create a new folder at the upper left hand corner of the window.

Wendell will be one happy man as they bringing back Previous Versions and it is a tab that you can click on. It is also enabled my default i think.

Here is a view of what Task View looks like in action and they are bringing back Aero Peek but with a twist of Windows 8/8.1 visual style.

Each "Modern" application is finally sizable and you can minimize it but I'm sure you guys already saw this. 

If you guys want to see anything else. Just let me know :D