Trying out ElementaryOS, what now?


I have put ElementaryOS Luna on a LIVECD and I'm trying it out on an old pc at the moment. But what do you recommend me to do now? Where do I have to start with learning?


Thank you


Use the PC like you would normally, and explore the software center to see what else you could discover. Explore, find stuff out, have fun!

Thank you for the quick response! I'll definitely do that.

Do you have any recommendations for me where to learn more about the code in the CLI? Maybe there is a bucket list of things you have to have done in Linux? 

Don't worry too much about the CLI yet, first understand how permissions work, groups, the file tree, the security measures, the software center, etc... there is more than enough new stuff to explore before diving into the CLI. Most distros nowadays don't really require CLI work. The CLI is easy to use and quick and efficient and very precise because you can give very precise commands, whereas with a GUI it's always kind of a ballpark thingy that causes insecurity about whether or not it's done exactly right, but before you can navigate the system on the command line, you have to explore where everything is, what the logic behind the system is, etc... because there are so many settings, features and possibilities in linux in comparison to a "one size fits all" commercial consumer force-feeding platform like Windows, that you'll spend days exploring without even touching the CLI, trust me...

I trust you :)

I have been using Windows my whole life (not that I have lived that long, 15 summers) and I'm pretty impressed by the awesomeness of Linux. 

If you had to start again, what would you tell yourself what you didn't know when you just started?

That's a really open ended question... I can't remember what I didn't know, so it's hard to say. You can do most stuff with the live USB so just use it and break it. I like ElementaryOS, I run it on occasion on my desktop from LiveUSB, my netbook has it installed on another partition. I think the only thing extra I did was install Firefox and ElementaryTweaks - check out this: for some ideas.

But yeah, just use it as you would any other OS, browse the web etc. See how it fits. :-)

When I try to open my File System hard drive it gives an error, it's included at the end of this comment. My question is, in theory, is it possible to let me access files on my hard drive where Windows is installed while I'm on a Linux distro, or is Windows just blocking any other input?

Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount.
Failed to mount '/dev/sda1': Operation not permitted
The NTFS partition is hibernated. Please resume and shutdown Windows
properly, or mount the volume read-only with the 'ro' mount option, or
mount the volume read-write with the 'remove_hiberfile' mount option.
For example type on the command line:
            mount -t ntfs-3g -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sda1 /media/AC1609DD1609AA02

Great! thank you

Just initial impressions of the error is it sounds like you didn't shutdown windows, but instead hibernated the last time you shutdown. Unless you didn't do that, I'd suggest just doing what it says.

Do you know how I can install ElementaryOS instead of Windows, so I don't have to boot into Windows anymore?

Turn off the computer, open up the bios or uefi, select boot menu, select dvd/cd drive, start up the computer into Elementary, click on the installer, it will give you a few options like install along side Windows, remove Windows, and Something else. If you want to remove Windows completely, then just click on remove Windows and continue with the installation. If you have anything in Windows that you want saved like pictures, videos, or anything else I would save them to an external hard drive or usb. 

Hope you enjoy Elementary. 

Elementary OS is a fork of Ubuntu, which is in his turn a fork of Debian itself.

So if you are looking for information about something, you can always use most of the information that you may find on Ubuntu forums.

Some basic terminal (CLI) commands;

  • ls : lists your files (in directory)
  • ls -a : lists your files (in directory) + also the 'hidden' ones with a '.' in front
  • cd dirname : change directory
  • mkdir dirname : make a new directory
  • pwd : tells you where you currently are
  • date : shows the current date and time
  • cal : shows a calendar of the current month

Is there a special tweaker for ElementaryOS? Or do you know where to tweak stuff?

I already figured alot of the terminal stuff out myself, but thank you for mentioning :)

I'm not sure what you mean by a special tweaker, but what tweaking concerns, in GNU/Linux the possibilities are almost endless. If you want a different DE, you can just install that & leave the other one installed, so you can choose at login which one you want to use. Their is so much you can do.

I want to tweak colors of windows, and colors of other stuff. Idk if that's possible, but that would be pretty awesome :D

Yesterday I read an article that Windows 8 creates a hybrid-hibernate file on shutdown so that it can boot faster than previous Windows OS's. So if you're using Win8 look up how to disable Fast Boot (I think that's MS's term for it).

Aha that's probably it. I've already installed ElementaryOS on my old pc. But it's really useful for when I'm gonna upgrade other pc's and laptops to Linux. 

Thank you

Just watch that.