Try to turn on pc but turns off after a few seconds

So my PC suddenly had this problem of turning on and then turning off a few seconds later. My monitor isn't able to detect anything. My GPU shouldnt be the problem because I tried removing it and plugging my vga cable directly into my motherboard. I think it's my PSU. When I turn on the power switch on the PSU, the PSU makes this high pitched sound which only stops when I press the power button on my front panel. As I said earlier, my PC turns on and then shuts off but there are two other problems. One or more of the fans is very loud(possibly gpu fan and/or PSU fan) and after it shuts down by itself, it sometimes turns on by itself again. It also turns on by itself when I try to shut it down by pressing the front panel power button.


Please help me if possible! I really don't want to go through the warranty process!


CPU: i3-4130

GPU: evga 750ti

MOBO: msi h81m-p33

RAM: G-Skills Ripjaws 2x 4gb

Storage: crucial m500 120gb ssd

               western digital caviar blue 1tb

Well it sounds as if your PSU is powering on, so it hasn't died. Can you try to determine which fan is making all the noise? Try removing your GPU and then turning it on to see if it's the PSU that's being loud. Also give all your cables a check and make sure everything's connected properly.

ok so now it wont turn on properly. It just turns on for 1 or 2 seconds and turns off. It tries to turn on again but fails. this process repeats until I manually cut off power

Did your case come with a small speaker, if it did plug it to your motherboard where the manual tells you to (it should be on the same header as power and reset buttons) and see try to power it on and listen if it makes beeping sounds.

I don't think a coolermaster n200 has a small speaker

I checked the manual for your case and it says it does come with one, it looks similar to this

PSU for sure. Did you try using a different PSU to confirm the problem?

It's also possible, unlikely, but possible that you may have an object (like a small piece of plastic) stuck in your cpu fan (if you're air cooling) so it's worth checking for that problem. For example I once found a piece of plastic from a broken WiFi antenna stuck in my cpu fan once which caused my computer to turn off after a few seconds just like yours without any indication to what it was so yeah that was pretty bizarre o.O

OMG I totally did not notice this lol!!! But I ended up RMA-ing...needed to get it fixed asap since Im moving out soon and need to get it to work before that happens. Thanks though!

ahh sorry but this is my only PSU sadly. I don't have much in terms of computer hardware.

woah that is very weird.haha I'm using a usb for wifi so my wifi antenna probably wont end up stuck in my cpu fan. Don't think jammed parts is my problem though since my fans are spinning pretty smoothly and I cleaned my fans a week ago.