Try to Beat a Xbox One

I know the title suggests that you "try" to beat a Xbox One, and I know it isn't that hard. I just want to see the creativity of the community and what different solutions you all come up to for the Xbone plague. Consider that the system itself sells for $600 but can only be bought at retail in a combo of $800 or so. Please stay in that price range if you can.

I mocked up a quick build with good quality parts that should easily thrash the Xbone

For $672 there is room to buy a Windows OEM for $99 and games (there are tons of Winter Sales going on right now, Praise Gaben! Skyrim for $15!) here is my entry

There's already been about 100 threads on this and TekSyndicate made videos on it.


try to beat a dead horse

Considering the fact the Xbone sells for £450 in the UK, it wasn't very hard to beat. That's without combos or gold membership.

The PS4 sells for £350 for the unit, without games and PS Plus. This configuration is worth the additional £20-30, in comparison to the PS4

Nicely done and I especially like Skullabyss's build. I know there must be a lot of threads and people must be tired of them, but I am trying to convert my crazy friends before they buy the Xbone. Any insight on which parts I should buy really helps.

WOOT. I went with the 7870 Ghz Edition due to the very little in performance and had a better price. When it comes to beating someone else's builds I will hit it close or where it hurts. There are some good priced builds. I also aim for the overclocking potential to. Every PC I do HAS to have a CPU cooler