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Try one more RAM kit or just change the motherboard once and for all?


Since i transferred my main system from Intel’s ancient X58 platform to Ryzen i’ve been having issues with RAM.
It can be attributed to bad RAM choice really, and motherboard BIOS compatibility since my Biostar X470GT8 is still stuck on AGESA Pinacle PI and they don’t plan to update it, according to an e-mail they sent me.
My first (and current) kit has Hynix M-Die modules, awful, a GeIL kit i bought a while ago (and returned) also had M-Die modules and finally the Corsair kit i ordered last week, which was supposed to be a B-Die kit according to the store and this list turned out to be Hynix A-Die.
The A-Die kit was the “best” so far, managing a stable 2933mhz (from the 3200mhz XMP rating) at 15-17-17-37 timings, which upon testing showed no significant performance increase over the first M-Die kit running at 2400mhz and 13-13-13-33 timings, no CB increase in Cinebench R15, almost no points increase in Unigine Superposition and 3DMark’s Firestrike.
On my friends motherboard, a simpler but updated Asus TUF X470-Plus all the kits i tried so far work perfectly at standard XMP settings and they scale up correctly, the fastest kits generate higher CBs on CBR15, more points on Superposition and yada yada yada, in short just better than my GT8. We even put my M.2 drive on his motherboard just to make sure, the results scaled perfectly as well.
Now i stand divided, should i try another memory kit, this time one that’s actually on B-Die finder (part number TXD416G3600HC18ADC01) or just give up and change the motherboard?


Mobo support is poor for updates
Lower tier Ram mxes out at 2933mhz 15-17-17-37

New mobo or new ram attempt is the question?

If thats the question, what do you do with this machine you need every ounce of power out of it. Is it not preforming good enough at the 2933 settings?

Would probably wait for official PCIE 4.0 mobos and get one if you want to go that route


To be honest, this one is a 4k gaming machine and 4k media playback.
It is good enough, but it doesn’t make sense that an allegedly lower tier motherboard (hardware-wise) can get higher performance with the same RAM kits.
My friend’s TUF average’s almost 100cbs higher than my machine with the same RAM kits, with the same M.2 drive as well.


I would hold out for the new gen mobos, if you ram can hit 3200 on a different board and would stay away from


Indeed, that would make sense.
I only picked up the Biostar because it was the only other thing i could get after i found out my AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac was defective.
I think i’m going to return this last Corsair kit, buy the Team Group kit i mentioned and see how it does, if anything i’ll just return it again and keep my M-Die kit.


Well yeah since the 2400mhz kit had better timings then the 3200mhz / 2933mhz.
I can totally see why you almost see no performance gain at all.
Raw memory clocks isnt everything.

2933mhz is what allot of people stuck with wenn it comes to Ryzen.
So its not really weird.
It seems like that b-die kits work best with AMD.
But the problem with that is that vendors also know that, and they make their B-die kits more expensive.
At least i think that’s kinda a trent.
Still if your system is rock sollid stable at 2933mhz,
then i would personally not really bother too much with it anymore.

Also like others have pointed out, Biostar isn’t really a great brand in general.
Although they do have some reasonable boards.
But don’t expect any decent bios support from them.

You could go with a new X470 board from like Asus or Asrock,
and that might get you maybe slightlly better performance due to better memory OC.
But in the end is it really all worth it? idk thats up to you.

I would advice to just stick with the stuff you currently got.
And wait for the new Ryzen 3000 series cpu’s and X570 boards.


It is running right and stable, i think i expected more of it but its fine, it runs correctly and i can wait for the newer Ryzens.
I’ll keep the Corsair kit as well, the Team Group kit i wanted already sold out.
Thanks for the help guys, sorry for bothering!