Trustworthy Torrent App

Hi I'm new to the forums and I've just read through a bit of the pinned posts and decided to download a few linux distros. I was hoping someone could point me to a "safe" torrent application. One that will not track my torrents or sell my info. I have no access to root unfortunately on my turbo2(as far as I know?). Thanks a bunch. Cheers!

Almost all packages in a repo from a distribution are open source and free of telemetry. The best torrent client for daily simple desktop use in my opinion is Transmission. Also, you do have root access depending on how you have your OS setup. If you're on Ubuntu, root can be achieved through the sudo command followed by the task you want to execute. Such as sudo apt install figlet

I'm actually on Android 6.0.1 hehe. Which I guess is kinda running Linux. But I was hoping to get an app from Google Play. I'm sorry I may not have made it clear. Or did I misunderstand. Desktop use I assume something like debian?

Ah, I just missed the part about the turbo2. Now it clicked.

I'd recommend libretorrent from the f-droid third party app store, but it's also on the google play store as well.

i use flud,
not sure about its software license tho


Awesome thank you both. I have checked them both out. I've installed both but can't seem to get LibreTorrent to fetch the torrent data from my test files. I will still be using both and try to set up Libre. I may just have to get it from the third party store. Which isn't so big of a deal. So far comparing the two found on Google Play, I'd say I prefer Flud, not because it "just works" but the aesthetics and the option layouts are very nice. I just need to read ToS and PP. They don't really give that away. Its got about 5 million downloads. I've read a little bit on the forum website they have and this popped up "This information can also be used to provide you with content that may be of interest to you, and to show you advertisements that are relevant to your demographic information. Delphi Forums uses outside ad companies to display ads on its sites. " So I would not be surprised if data IS in fact being collected :/ I can not yet confirm this.