Trusted IPC/NVR vendor?

I have tried both HikVision and Dahua NVRs from Amazon, but apparently they are not US market products and thus cannot be updated nor will you receive support. Also the Dahua NVRs have issues with time because it is a “hacked” Chinese firmware and apparently the Chinese do times and dates differently.

If you go to either manufacturers website, you have to pick from a list of dozens of distributors who will probably make you set up an account with them or some bullshit, and you have to call them. I like Hikvision, but I’m very nervous about installing these NVRs for clients because it’s kinda hacky… Also those distributors charge out the fucking ass, sometimes 2x the Amazon price just because it has US firmware on it. What the fuck?

So, are there any reliable NVR units out there that you guys have used? That I can just click and buy? Lol.

Easier to buy a fucking gun where I live than a decent NVR

I have used both those brands of NVR here in OZ. I would recommend using HikVision( Personal preference) never had a problem have installed at least 200 of them for customers.

If you are worried about intrusion make sure to change default passwords on cameras and the nvr, and the encryption key in the remote access.

I’ve bought from here several times. Very good people and excellent customer support. Their own branded cameras are HikVision from my understanding.

I have had the reolink Poe and nvr setup for a while now, overall it’s been a good experience. I have posts on this forum asking about IP addresses that seem to be the Poe cams talking to an AWS instance for the push notification capability. It’s also something the nvr is using, and not just for push- this newer setup of thiers does not even require port forwarding- they have made the setup so easy I have serious security concerns I somewhat addressed with network segmentation. I first got the cams, but to get the full potential (playback off network) I got the nvr. Just setup a vlan so traffic from the Poe cams and nvr cannot go to my lan. Then enabled snort on the vlan interface with some rules- the idea is to block traffic from wan originating from known bad sources.

If it’s a big job I think there are big Ubiquiti setups for many feeds. Rackmount type stuff.