TrueNAS Core - PlugIn Guacamole

Good Evening All,
I am having trouble with the plugin Guacamole on TrueNAS Core - 12.0-U8 -
I have enabled the plugin with default options. All seems to run ok. Can access the admin webpage ok, But i cannot get to remote to any of my machine on my home LAN. Tried RDP to a windows machine and an SSH connection to another BSD machine.
I have set it up fine on my Raspberry PI from a CLI ok. I can connect to each machine above fine. But i am not very experienced with plugins or jails on Truenas.
Default options are NAT. Is this correct?, Had a go with setting IP but no luck with that.
Can anyone help as i would like to move the service from my Pi to my Truenas box which has a more powerful CPU.
Thanks for reading.