Well a few of the new AMD Radeon GPU's will offer something called TrueAudio,  what does everyone think of this technology... and is it worth getting a card that has it?

Well nothing that's out uses it yet so we'll have to wait and see. It has a potential to be great, but it's too way early to say. The next Thief game might be the first to use it, expected to come out in February.

Thanks for your reply,  it would be really cool if the staff there at tek syndicate would do some sort of a review of TrueAudio when it is usable. 

Well I went ahead and bought 2 ASUS R7-260X's, I put them in CrossFireX.  I cant wait until all games will be taking advantage of TrueAudio.  Everything I read about it seems like it will be positive.  Heres a good article if you're bored:

thanks for the article.


Tensilica DSPs, Tensilica Xtensa HiFi EP, uses the high bandwidth memory available on the GFX card.

with trueaudioa and mantle in the wings, cant wait to take advantage of these features.