True Internet Speed Test


I was curious to see if you knew the best website to test my connection. If i'm receiving 150 mbps from Comcast, how do I tell by a speed test if I'm paying for a 150mbps from Comcast? I know sites like test your connection speed to JUST THEIR servers.. How do i get the most reliable test?

Your question is worded strangely: 

 how do I tell by a speed test if I'm paying for a 150mbps from Comcast?

A speed test doesn't tell you how much you're paying, your bill tells you that. Now, if you want to know if you're actually receiving the speed your paying for, I've typically had good luck with, but once I connected through a VPN, was the test that gave me an accurate reading.


Do speed tests from various servers or run some *cough legal *cough downloads through a torrent client like frostwire or whatever and see what your speeds are, also if you have steam download a game and see what it's max download speed is. Just make sure you aren't downloading/transferring any other packets while doing so as this will defeat the purpose of your testing

I use a VPN too. I just hope Im understanding the whole speed test thing.. A general speed test from or where ever tests your download/upload speed connection from your computer to their servers. If there servers are slow you will not be receiving the correct info?

I use and as well with good results. There will always be discrepancy in the results tho. There are a lot of things that can affect your test results, however they will get you the closest results and are usually satisfactory for evaluating your connection or in your case, weather or not you are GETTING the connection you are paying for.

thanks guys :)


Hmm I tried both speedtester and gave me 22.11mb down 10.69mb up and test my net gave me 1.86mb down and 3,4mb up which is right? and I am using a vpn ofc which should i trust ?

Try disconnecting from your VPN, close anything that may be using up a bit of bandwidth and then try testing again using This should give you a more accurate result. Just don't forget to reconnect your VPN when your done!

Ok thanks mate but if it is the vpn "clogging" up bandwidth I am fine with that but I will try what you said cheers for the info!

I believe VPNs only reduce bandwith by about 10% in most situations. can any one confirm? and what Grimey said about how his speeds are different with different services is very intriguing. I guess there's no true way to tell!

Well in respect to an internet speed test its not that the VPN is "Clogging" up your bandwidth or reducing it drastically for that matter. Its just that it will throw off your testing results. for example selects a test server based on your IPs location. If your using a VPN service then odds are your IP isn't located near you. Mine for example is in another country entirely. This can throw off your test results. 

If for some reason your VPN IS slowing down your connection drastically however, it might be time to switch VPN services.

I agree. lol

Just to give you a visual representation of what I'm talking about. I've done two tests.

Test 1, These are the results with my VPN connected.

Test 2, here are the results without my VPN connected.

Now before you cringe understand that I do live in the middle of no-where on top of a mountain in the middle of a desert lol. But still I am paying for 30Mb/s down and as you can see thats what I am pretty much getting.

There are other ways you can test with your VPN active but I recommend this method as the quickest and easiest way of testing your Internet speed as an...average consumer. At least if your not really technical and just want to make sure your ISP is delivering on their promise.


Wow, your vpn is really slowing you down! thats crazy. Im in the middle of moving, but my old connection was 12 down without vpn, 10 down with. I use Private Internet Access. what do you use?


Its all an illusion if you will. My VPN doesn't actually slow me down. It just seams that way because SpeedTest thinks my computer is in another country. If anything its sped up my connection quite a bit. I'm not gonna lie, even for being the "best" ISP in my area they arn't that great and the VPN has oddly enough helped tremendously with that. 

As for my VPN service I currently use BTGuard however I may try another soon, well see. Its working very well and I don't have any issues with it. ..yet

Okay I see what your saying now, I wanna try Vypr vpn next. My subscription actually just ran out :P

nope. I find it to be slower than my actual speed. I got faster downloads over steam and origin than testmy reported as my overall capacity.

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