[Troubleshooting]PSU cuts power on startup, then starts normally

I am not sure if this is the right place for this. But here is my problem:
When I press the power the button to turn it on, lights come on and fans spin for about 1 sec.
Then everything shuts off, then a couple seconds later, the computer starts normally.
This began when I started to overclock my CPU(FX-8350). When I was overclocking, It would do as stated above twice. before starting normally. I have returned the voltage and multiplier back to normal, and I still get this issue. I have checked cpu temperatures and memory and both are not causing this, which led me to the PSU.
Should I even be concerned. I will say that this has been happening since the earlier part of this year, and I haven't addressed it until now. However, I would be interested if anyone has an explanation of this.

What motherboard is it if its a dual bios board the first bios might be corrupt or still have the oc settings that failed so when it starts up it tries the first bios it fails then it swaps to the second one and boots with it. That said it would usually override the one that was not working with the one that was unless there is some setting like keep oc profile or something like that.

Clear CMOS might fix it.