[Troubleshooting] NVMe SSDs Intermittently Detected In BIOS

Hello everyone, I would appreciate some advice on an issue I am having with my rig. The short of it is my two 980 Pro SSDs I had in RAID0 only appear in my BIOS intermittently even after a motherboard swap. The long explanation is one day I came home from work woke my computer and I was able to open a chrome window before it froze entirely. I restarted the computer thinking it was windows being windows and I was met with a startup recovery screen. After a few resets and no successful OS Boot I tried using my windows USB to repair windows to no avail. I entered my BIOS to check my RAID array and I saw that only one SSD was being detected. Powering off the PC I removed both SSDs and remounted them into the NVMe slots and powered it back on and still no boot. I rechecked the BIOS and the SSDs were present so I reset and checked again and one of the SSDs was gone again. At this point I repeated this process over and over and the same SSD was consistently appearing and disappearing. After seeing this i ordered a new SSD, same model, to see if it was just aa SSD issue but it persisted Thinking it was a motherboard issue I RMAed it and they sent me a replacement board. The board arrived today and i installed it thinking everything would be a-okay after booting into BIOS to enable all the relevant RAID settings i saw that the original SSDs were both reporting as online, perfect i thought, so i booted from that array and BOOM a sexy blue windows recover screen. I thought surely this time a repair would be successful but no luck there. I then booted back to BIOS and F’k me now BOTH SSDs are MIA. :frowning: At this point i’m thinking it is some kind of issue with the CPU idk if maybe it can cause issues with the BIOS detecting NVMe SSDs. But i’m no expert and would really appreciate if someone could confirm that it is the CPU or maybe give me any additional troubleshooting advice.

Rig Specs: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x - Asus Crosshair VIII X570 (WI-FI) - G.Skill TridentZ (2x8) 16GB 3200 - EVGA 1000W GS - EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 - Corsair H150i Pro XT AiO - 2xSamsung 980 Pro SSD - 1TB Samsung 860 Evo - Windows 10

Sure, it could be a bad CPU but I would expect to only see issues with the top m.2 slot if that were the case. For the bottom slot to also have issues would means the X570 chipset is somehow receiving less PCIe lanes from the CPU while the other attached devices are still functional (USB, SATA, LAN, etc). I just find that very unlikely.

My first thought goes to compatibility. Do you have the latest BIOS version installed on your replacement board? I see they included fixes for “Improve M.2 storage compatibility” in previous versions.

Hi, and thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention it in my original post but with the original motherboard at least, I did update the BIOS to Version 3904 it didn’t yield any results. I have also not experienced issues with any other ports aside from the M.2 slots. Although I have not tried it with the replacement board, i’ll make sure to give it a shot when I get home.