[TROUBLESHOOTING] Inconsistent frame skips/jolts with AMD cards

Check my post here on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/3qp2a7/any_time_i_play_dx9_or_opengl_games_in_fullscreen/

I can't find anybody that has any clue what could be causing this and it makes no sense to me. If anyone has experience with an issue somewhat like this or has any idea at all about what could be causing this, please please please let me know.

Have you done all the usual?

  • drivers - clean removal & reinstall
  • update motherboard drivers, & BIOS

May be a DPC latency issue:

I suggest this only as you're using windows 7. Report back with the findings.

Away from home for a few hours but already tried all of those things. Mobo BIOS is the latest version and I have all drivers except for the Intel Rapid Storage ones. Made sure to update with the INF File for my mobo and all.

Already checked DPC latency as well and it reported 200 max which was in the green and seemed to be totally normal and consistent with my other machines (laptops) as well.

I'm totally lost. It's as if both cards are broken but that can't be the case obviously. I seriously doubt it's the PSU as it happened with my previous build using a 650W Seasonic 80+ Gold and now it's still happening even though I'm now on a 500W Silverstone SFX-L 80+ Gold.

Thanks for the reply man.