Troubleshooting a new PC build

Hey all, thanks in advance for your help, here is the situation.

I’ve always built my own computers over the last 20 years and today I’m stumped.

Core components:
CPU: Intel 8700k, cooled by Corsair H150i PRO
MB: ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero (WiFi)
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V
Video Card: ASUS ROG Swift 1080 Ti
Monitor: ASUS ROG PG279Q

So, I get the all of the components inside the case and before the first boot, I have the monitor plugged into the motherboards display port, knowing that I’d have to likely disable the on board video in order for the GPU output to work.

So, the first boot, the PC POSTS but I have no video display. So I switch from using display port to hdmi and the same thing happens. Before going further, I remove the video card from within the case completely. Try to the ASUS monitor again, trying both HDMI and DP, and still no signal.

I grab an old one LG monitor, its about 10 years old, no clue the model number, and hook it up via HDMI.

With the old monitor I’m able to get into BIOS, and further research tells me that if I’m plugged into the video card, I don’t need to disable the on board video.

So, I get into the BIOS, everything seems normal, again using this old monitor, so I shut down the PC. I hook up the new ASUS panel, and again, trying both DP and HDMI, the monitor says, “no signal” for both DP and HDMI.

Any ideas are welcomed before I attempt to call ASUS.

Thanks again!

old lg monitor to M/B or V/C?

  1. always test your components externally prior to placing them inside the case.

  2. check asus bios’s pcie settings to make sure your video card shows up

  3. check bios’s pcie video card only option

  4. fail? reset bios in menu

  5. did you buy these used? > system off > remove motherboard batt > reset bios.

The old monitor was hooked up to the motherboard.

I know, I should have been more detailed on this build and I’m regretting its now, but it was around 3am when I called it quits and had to get up at 6am for work.

I really appreciate your response and let you know how it goes this evening.

you wont regret it when…

almost every build ive done it ends up being something stupid, figure it out! its fun!

Is the Asus monitor new? Does it work with other PCs/devices? If the new PC build works with the old monitor then it might not be any physical issue with the PC. I was going to say cable, but if you tried both ports then that’s probably not it.

have you tried putting the cable in your GPU instead?