Troubles with Diablo 2 using Lutris or POL - ERROR in FS_Check

I get as far as selecting the installer in POL and when i choose the installer you get from the battlenet downloader (which i have on a seperate hard drive) it just gives me this error. I’m about as clueless as it gets in regards to playing Windows games on Linux. I just have no idea what i’m doing wrong.

Literally any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I moved the installer off the separate drive to my SSD which Mint is on and it gives me another error now “ERROR in POL_Shortcut binary not found Diablo 2.exe”

It sounds like it’s expecting another installer.

instead of using the built in install script, which may be out of date, click “install a non-listed application” then follow the instructions on winehq after installation