Troubles in hardware land continue, taking another stab

Following on from where I startedthis time with a new EVGA P2 750W PSU, the Asus Maximus Formula VIII + 6700K presents further issues.

Installed the latest BIOS, starts up and

  • Ran fine for over an hour on first install of the EVGA PSU, down hill since.
  • Freezes in UEFI
  • Partially boots grub, and shutdown
  • CPU fan runs, but system fans shutdown; everything else is dead (no KB RGB, no HDMI output).

I also have a 7700K + Asus Z270 TUF Mark 1 mobo, but I’ve had similar hair pulling exasperation with instability issues.

Therefore, I’m going to build a X299 rig with an Asus “WS” grade mainboard – thoughts?


I’ve now ordered - fingers crossed!!

im running a asus prime x299 with a 7900x overclocked to 4.8ghz on all cores, and its been running like that for about 8 months now, zero issues whatsoever.

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What’s the voltage settings/mesh/ring/uncore? Just curious. I managed 5.0 on mine on up to about 6 cores but it’s not perfectly stable even after delidding.

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not sure if this question was for me, but i got the V 1.335 and temperatures can go up to 89c after about 3 hours of continues usage at 4.8ghz (delided custom loop with a 2080ti and cpu sharing a triple 140 fan rad from EK) mobo has a monoblock from ek.

no clue about mesh ring or the uncore i was using the asus bios with a lot of the settings on auto.

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