Trouble with KVM virtual isolated switch (Guest to host connection ONLY)

I have a linux host with KVM, windows 10 guest. I want to setup a direct connection between them. With NO other networking for the guest. Problem is of course I cant connect. Ping says destination unreachable. I am using the virtio drivers. Any help is much appreciated.

Windows ipconfig:

Linux host ifconfig:

virsh net-list on host:

default active yes yes
privatenet active yes yes

Directions I followed to set this up:

sudo su

cat << EOF >> /etc/network/interfaces


auto privatebr0

iface privatebr0 inet static



pre-up brctl addbr privatebr0

post-down brctl delbr privatebr0


sudo service network-manager restart

Exit (back to user)

echo ’ privatenet ’ >> /tmp/net.xml

virsh net-define /tmp/net.xml

virsh net-autostart privatenet

virsh net-start privatenet

Forgot to add:
When I ping from host
I get:
From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

Do I need to create some sort of “route”. I am not good with networking but it seems like this would be the case since the 192 ip is not capable of contacting the 169 one?

Any help is very appreciated. I am going out of my mind with this stuff.

I am seeing 4 addresses here, all on different subnets:

The 10.3 address isn’t reflecting in your snapshots though, so I’m not sure I have a complete picture of your config.

First thing I would try is to manually set the Window’s IP to be on the same subnet as the bridge (whatever that is at this point). The 169.254 address is assigned automatically when no dhcp or manual address is configured.

The 10.3 address doesnt even show with ifconfig.

There was no ip for the privatebr0 which im assuming is the bridge. I gave it an ip using ifconfig, and gave windows an ip on that subnet. Can’t connect. What should be my gateway in windows?

I’m a little out of my depth here because I almost always set up kvm in the VirtManager GUI and I rarely use Windows for anything.

That said, I’ve found that when you set up a network between 2 hosts, it can help to set the gateway on each host to the IP of the other, so that’s something you can try.