Trouble Mining Magic Internet Money

My PC crashes when its mining Magic Internet Money. It logs itself out when it's inactive and the miners stop. How do I fix this?

maybe go into bios and set the power management setting to super power hungry 24/7 ( can't remember the real name of the setting :P ) and do the same within the OS. if you got multiple hard drive maybe one of them stop after a while and cause trouble. can't think of anything else ..

It is bizarre. This issue appeared only after updating WinBlows8 to WinBlows8.1.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about this "magic internet money". Maybe if you used proper terms like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, litecoin, or dogecoin, people might be able to help you. I swear you have the vocabulary of a 9 year old youtube commenter. 

Disable power saving features in your drivers and within the OS itself.