Trouble installing windows

I don't even know. I've become exhausted trying to figure this out, so now I'm looking to the forums for help. We (roommates and I) were putting this computer together a couple of weeks ago, were getting to the windows install (but never actually installed windows), when the motherboard stopped working. So we got a replacement, the new one posts fine. We put the computer back together, boot windows from the dvd and were going through the setup. We get to custom install and windows asks us where we want to install. First off, it lists disk 0 twice. There is only one HDD, it lists the same HDD twice on this page. For both of these options. It says something like "windows unable to install on disk 0" I forget exactly, but it was something like that. All of the menu tools it normally displays like format, and partition are all unselectable. It gives that error message and I have no tools in this menu available to allow me to continue. We figure it's something with the HD so we take it to another computer, delete all the partitions and reformat it to NTFS. We then take the HD back to the new computer and try again. This time we cant even get as far as we did the first time. I will comment links of the error pages.

sorry for the shitty quality pictures. white text on black doesn't come up well in the pictures


update: for good measure, in the command prompt on my computer, I cleaned the disk, reinitialized and formatted the HDD, then put it back in the computer were trying to build. However, after I did this, our new computer doesn't send any video signal. and the USB ports don't seem to be functional (a light up keyboard no longer lights up). we can't even see the motherboard screen or access the bios


  • try checking the wires, maybe you loosened something when you reinserted the hard drive
  • try running linux as a live CD/USB and seeing that your system actually works
  • do you have a different hard drive you can use?

any success?

reset cmos

IF you can, down load and run the manufacturer drive diagnostic software.

Ran into this on a Dell Inspiron Latop, even after checking for a firmware update on the hard drive, it was bad.

Your second and third pic point to Windows not being able to read the sector it installed on,

Had to put the drive in another machine just to get the data off it using a data recovery software.