Trouble finding HotSwap boards that attach to motherboards

Hey Everyone,

I’m working on building out a workstation PC and the case I have, has a hotswap bay. What I’m looking for is basically a backplane to put on the drive bay so that I can make use of the drive bay.

Some background, I’m attempting to put modern PC components into a Sun Ultra 45 workstation case. This is going to be pretty interesting to accomplish. Thus, the drive bay has 4 slots and I have 2 sleds for the HDDs/SSDs. The original has a backplane that attaches to the motherboard via a cable. I’d like to replicate this with and it seems like single use backplanes would be the ideal fit, as I doubt I’ll find a PCB that fits this perfectly.

Maybe try an actual hotswap bay, disassemble it and then use the PCB from it in your case, that would seem like the best bet

Hey Gabe, thanks for the advice.

I am hoping to find single backplanes that I can just drill holes and align with the slots that are there. They’re pretty awesome slots, so if I can make use of them then I really want to.

Thanks again and if you come across single sata/sas backplane PCB let me know.


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