Trouble deciding which GPU to go with. NEED HELP

Okay so I'm having trouble deciding which GPU to choose for my build. I'm stuck between the EVGA GTX 760 (with ACX cooling) and the AMD Radeon R9 270X. The 270X has a better price to peformance ratio but the 760 can perform better only by a little bit. 

I dont want to make an irrational decision because I want to make a good computer since I'm new to PC gaming.

By the way if you think that these two graphics cards suck please recommend a graphics card that is under $240 dollars. So far these two graphiocs cards caught my attention. 

Thank you.

They are Both Good Cards. Both beat each other in different games. but overall the performance between each other is very small. I Have an R9-270x and it runs the Majority of my Library at High to Ultra Settings. but i only paid about 210 dollars. but The GTX 760 probably would be the better option cause it comes with a free game.

What kind of CPU do run with it? I'm on the fence between the two GPU's would you trade in your 270x for a 760?

i run it with a 4670k at 4.2ghz

Cool I'm thinking of running it with an FX-8320. It's sort of ,idrange in terms of gaming.


yeah that CPU is perfectly fine. you'll probably have an advantage since these next gen games are going to take advantage of more cores.