Triple screen setup question

(wendell, i mentioned you because if nobody can help me, maybe you with your awesome screen setup can)

Hey guys,

i created two topics with this question, but unfortunately, nobody did answer.

I never used 3 screens and now i want to try it.

First of all: I got 2 PC's which both should run with 3 identical screens.

The first PC is my LowPowerConsumption PC and the second my gaming maschine.

To pc 1:Motherboard Asrock Q1900M with intel hd graphic (IGP) with one HDMI, VGA and DVI-D output
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5450, 1GB DDR3, 2x DVI, lite retail (11166-51-20G) with 2 DVI outputs.
(I haven't bought this GPU and if you got a cheaper, better or (if this GPU won't work) functioning GPU that will need ridiculous little energy and dont have a fan, please let me know)

To pc 2:
GPU: Radeon 7870 with one HDMI, 1 DVI and 2 mini Displayports.

The screens: 3 LG 24M45 1920 x 1080 with one VGA and one HDMI input.

To my question:
I want to buy 3 HDMI switches and connect the output to each screen. The 6 inputs are connected to the 2 pc's (for example every left one to the pc1 and every right one to the pc2) so i can switch between the two pc's as the input for the screens.
With this setup:

Leftest screen is screen 1 middle screen 2 and the right screen 3.
screen 1:

  • pc 1:Hama HDMI/DVI-D Adapter (in the Radeon DVI)
  • pc 2: sapphire MINI-DP TO SL DVI-D (ACTIVE) + Hama HDMI/DVI-D Adapter (in one mini Displayport)

screen 2:

  • pc 1: Hama HDMI/DVI-D Adapter (in the Radeon DVI)
  • pc 2: HDMI cable

screen 3:

  • pc 1: HDMI cable in the onboard GPU
  • pc 2: DELL 470-13629 Mini displayport/HDMI adapter (passive) in the other mini dp-port

Anybody got experience with that? Will this work (fine)?

Thank you in advance für the answers guys.

greetings from germany


Do these monitors have multiple inputs? I suppose this may work fine but it seems a little elaborate, exactly why do you need 3 screens on both machines? If the monitors have multiple inputs that you can utilize, that'll be the easiest setup.

As for using both of the PCs at the same time, you could setup a Synergy configuration.

Thank you for your answer. The screens does not have multiple inputs. Just ine HDMI and one VGA, but i wont use the VGA.

And i don't want to use both pc at the same time, i just dont have enough space and money to buy and use 6 screens.
I will by 3 remote controlled switches so i dont have to press 3 buttons.

But the main question is: Will the graphic cards be able to handle 3 screens?



DisplayPort 1.2
Maximum resolution: 4096x2160 @ 60 Hz per display
21.6 Gbps bandwidth (HBR2)
High bit-rate audio
Quad HD/4K/UHDTV display support
1080p60 stereoscopic 3D (Frame Sequential Format
HDMI® (With 4K, 3D, x.v.Color™ and Deep Color)
Maximum resolution: 4096x2160 @ 30 Hz
1080p30 stereoscopic 3D (Packed Frame Format)
Quad HD/4K/UHDTV video display suppor
Dual-link DVI with HDCP
Maximum resolution: 2560x160
Maximum resolution: 2048x1536

This is what the 7870 supports with the ports it has as far as resolution.
AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology2
Up to 6 displays supported with DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport

Something I found on tom's hardware
" am looking for a cheap triple monitor setup (not gaming) with each monitor running at a res of 1920x1080 but i'm having a problem.

When you go on websites for graphics cards take example the max resolution says 2560x1600 is that the total of 3 displays or is that per display.

And take this for another example it says Digital max resolution is 2560 x 1600 is that talking about all three monitors running off two dvi ports and the hdmi at a total of that 2560x1600 or each with a max of that resolution over all three displays.

furthermore can you help me choose the best graphics card for 3 monitors running at 1920x1080 each for £70 or round about.

for those who don't know you can view the cards prices in the pounds you can here >>

thank you, your help will be much appreciated."

"It's per-display, so you're all good there. Even a cheap, modern, 3 display card will drive 3x1080p no worries.
Just be careful with AMD cards as any monitors beyond the 2nd, (so 3rd, 4th monitors) must either use a displayport or an "active" displayport to DVI/HDMI adapter. They're not too expensive now but they can be hard to find. It's the ACTIVE bit that's important."

Ok thank you very much for you answers. I expected that the gaming pc can handle the three screens.

What about the low power pc?

and there is a little update: I will use the onboar graphic card for one screen and a
Sapphire Radeon HD 5450, 1GB DDR3, VGA, DVI, HDMI, (11166-32-20G) for the other two screens
(attached to the HDMI and the DVI ports).

greeting from germany


I think that should be able to run 3 screens at 1080p. Though for gaming on a tripple setup, you might need to lower what graphics your trying to push. I'll check the configuration, but I think it can do it.

Thank you very much El_Cornholio.

So i will try it with that setup.

No problem dude.