Triple Rad Sufficient?

I have an 800D with a XTX 360 rad currently cooling an i7 930 and 2 GTX670's in SLi. I have 3 670's but one is currently on air. I have a new X79 mobo and 4930K CPU upgrade waiting to be fitted into the loop, as well as a waterblock for the third card. I was planning on cleaning the rad and refitting it in push pull in the hope that it would improve the cooling performance. Ideally I'd want at least a quad rad for a build like this, maybe more, but I have limited radiator mounting options and I lack both the tools and the skill to modify my case. Would a 360 rad with 6 fans in push pull be sufficient to cool a hex core CPU and 3 GTX670's?




EDIT: I'll probably be moderately overclocking the CPU as well, with an aim of around 4.00GHz.



No; I would throw in another 120.2 rad in there for safety. 3 GPUs and a GPU, if they're all overclocked, will have quite the TDP.