Triple Monitors

Hello, I recently got 3 monitors that are 100% identical. (Asus ve198) I have them setup the following way:

Hdmi ---> DVI

DVI ----> DVI

Mini DP > DVI

 I am using a single 7850 graphics card.

 The problem is still only 2 monitors can be active at one time. Do I need to purchase another card to crossfire? Is the hdmi and dvi ports on the card messing each other up? Are these adapters wrong?

Is there a way I can 100% verify that it is DOA?

Any thoughts anyone?

pawmaniac's probably right, if everything's working correctly you shouldn't be having a problem

Would I be able to use a displayport to vga? 

even if you could manage to get three monitors to work the 7850 will fall behind in frames and quality in modern three monitor games I would suggest getting a second one in crossfire to take advantage of three monitors.

My set up is left dvi to dvi, center hdmi to hdmi, right this to dvi. I my 7950 will play most driving games well but Crysis 3 has to be dumbed down to 4800 by 900 res to be playable awesome for multi-tasking an other 7950 coming soon.

I do have another card coming. I managed to get it to work with 3 monitors although I am not happy with it.

Display Port -> DVI




The vga quality is horrible but it works. Amazing enough the card gets a minimum of 30 fps in game avg 38. Core clock is at 1050MHz, Memory Clock 1450MHz. I didn't buy these monitors for games though more for work.