Triple Monitors 1 card

Just a general question, can a triple monitor set up run on a single card? 

For example 3 144hz 1080p monitors with 1 780TI

Yep, if you've got the correct cables to plug from the gpu into each monitor.

Okay thank you, the new Nividia 980's where just released and I can connect up to 3 with a 4th companion screen. So for my build I'm getting one of these and 3 144hz monitors.

If you already have the monitors keep em and live your setup!

If you are getting news one consider getting IPS monitors as they do NOT shift colors at angles.

forwarning a single card is going to have a tough time running games at full triple resolution so you may no see the 144hz potential.

I do agree with him , but :

- get a 1440hz middle monitor , 144 hz is great , and if you think it's stupid you have never tried it .

Also , because you won't be able to push 144 fps across all screens , side ips 60hz will be great , and deactivate them for gaming on a single monitor for competitive games ( or games that don't support it ) so that you can take advantage of the 144hz middle monitor.

I was thinking that , but a correct 144hz panel at a normal angle , you will notice *a little bit* of color shifting , and *personally* I wouldn't give up 120/144 hz for nothing , not even better colors or more of dem pixels .

he's saying that the coller difference between IPS and TN side by side running triple TN in the middle will be noticable. I can attest to that.

Then his choice , go for triple high refresh , or triple ips .

I'm running two monitors , but I have not tested with a third in surround .

I would personally just take a big 1440p 144 hz or a big 4K .

I'm getting these for my build, as for my build: 

It's subject to change until January, once January comes around I'll have to make my final decision.

Looks great.  Pick up the i7-4790k instead of the 4770k though.

Alright, like I said the build is subject to change until January, only that's staying is the GTX 980 and the monitors everything else can be changed.