Triple monitor setup or 120Hz Monitor?

Hey guys

Just wondering from peoples personal experiences what would you say gives a better gaming experience?

I have been looking around a lot lately at monitors, the cheapest brand new 120Hz Monitor i can find is $400 AUD

wheres I could probably pick up 3 monitors brand new for $600 AUD. (obviously not at the same time. 

Just looking for some feedback 


Cheers Guys :D

What kind of games do you play? If you play a lot of open world stuff or racing games, you might want the 3 monitor setup.

If you play a lot of FPS, you might want the larger FOV with 3 monitors. However, if you play competitively, you might want the 120hz monitor to get fluidity.

If you want a cinematic experience, go with a 1440p monitor. You can get a really good one for about $620 AUD

Each of those options requires a bit of GPU muscle to power it all, though

I do both. Got 3x24" screens with only one able to do 120Hz.

But I usually only do 120Hz on the one screen.

For FPS games like BF3 the framerate really matters more. In single player games like Mass effect and Skyrim I use nvidia surround to get the nicer cinematic effect. 


Yeah i play a lot of fps and open world. not really competitive but i would possibly explore that. I will probably go for a triple monitor set up :) 

I might look into that :) look out for a second hand 120Hz monitor and then pick up two extras for other games. Thanks for the feedback

I agree with NIsse, if you can do the 1 120hz with 2 others, I would. I love my 120hz, so sexy smooth... I even like how smooth the mouse is... Yes, I'm weird.

I am just like you. I would appreciate things like that whilst using a computer. and i will most likely go with that option. Buy two identical 60Hz monitors and then look out for a cheap 120Hz


Just be abit careful when choosing missmatched screens if you are going nvidia.

I do not know if they have fixed the problem in the later drivers, but when I did this setup a year ago I really had do look closely at which screens worked together. I have 2 Dells and one 120Hz Alienware (which is also dell).

What was really important then was that all screens could support the same [email protected] i.e. all att [email protected] Some screens run [email protected] which would not work with a [email protected] for surround.

AMD are apparently fine, there you can missmatch all you want.

I would be running Amd 7970 most likely crossfire. so would miss matched monitor be a problem?